Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.6.1597

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

Open World Changes

  • Player-made LGV races are in! Deploy your starting line and create your own LGV races.
  • Added two new free heads (male and female); also 3 new female heads and 2 new male heads for purchase at the New You.
  • The Chosen Engineer weapon is capable of making sound once again.
  • Fixed an issue where you would not get credit for participating in a Tornado event.
  • Players will no longer spawn in as a ragdoll and then come to life.
  • Fixed collision problems with Whiptail Threshers.
  • Brody is no longer so disapproving when you send back a thumper at 100%.
  • Turrets should now track and fire at enemies more consistently.
  • Fixed issues where there would be no Arcporter Pylon available when exiting an ARES mission.
  • Chosen War
    • Fixed an issue that caused map markers for events not to show up after reclaiming POIs from Chosen until 10 minutes later
    • Added another wave of drop pods when players attempt to take back a Chosen occupied POI
    • Renamed Chosen Invaders to Chosen Strike Team to avoid confusion between Chosen attacks and the invasion events
  • Incursions
    • Made a fix for incursions so the amount of Chosen in the area before the shield disruptor spawns is 2 or less instead of exactly 0
    • Upped the HP of the warbringer and shield generators by about 3x
    • Added a bonus reward (XP) for completing an incursion without losing a shield disruptor
  • Invasion
    • Made the pre-invasion VO play zone wide
    • Fixed an issue that would cause the melding to permanently cover Thump Dump or Sunken Harbor instead of only 3 hours
    • Renamed Siege of Thump Dump and Siege of Sunken Harbor to Invasion of Thump Dump and Invasion of Sunken Harbor for clarity

Bug Fixes

  • Using /stuck while on an LGV will dismount the character from the LGV before respawning.
  • Fixed an issue where warpaint on the body suit would not appear on the advanced frames.
  • Added audio effects for many objects that were missing in the last patch.
  • Promoting a new squad leader should no longer disband the squad.
  • Brassy and Fired Up female voices are no longer the same voice.
  • Fixed issues with certain heads and facial hair options clipping.
  • Adjusted the volume of various weapon and NPC sounds to help distinguish what is attacking you.
  • You can now deploy turrets even while the Thumper is on cooldown.
  • Players should no longer remain horizontal when crashing from a glider while in free cam mode.
  • Removed tooltip references to Tech Trees.

Crafting Changes

  • Updated nanoprint categories to help organize and simplify finding the nanoprint you want.
  • Battleframe-related components that require resources to craft now require half the amount of resources, and take half the time to complete.
  • Added advanced refining recipes that support multiple inputs – players can refine multiple stacks of raw resources in the same job.
  • Item stage/tier is now noted in the resulting item as well as the nanoprint. Assault Rifle II nanoprint now results in an Assault Rifle II item.
  • Healing Accelerator I and Healing Charge Builder I should now have crafting times associated with their recipes.
  • Regeneration Assembly I & II recipes should now output the appropriate component for the Accord Absorption Plating.
  • Subcomponents that require Polymers or Carbon should now allow you to select the quality of those resources.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting a resource for a component would not select the proper resource.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting the third resource in a list would fail to select that resource.
  • Healing Ball Charge Builder I and Healing Accelerator I now require appropriate number of resources and time to craft.
  • Crystite and Red Bean totals now appear in the manufacturing station UI.
  • Inventory items now show appropriate requirements in their tooltips.
  • Passive modules will now be shown in player inventories.
  • Stock gear will no longer display durability information on the tool-tips (starting gear ignores durability)

Resource Collection Changes

  • Tweaked the way raw resources are generated in the world – should result in fewer cases of horrible, horrible quality resources.
  • Resource qualities will now update more frequently in the world.
  • Added new scan report UI when using the scanhammer to detect resources.
  • Surface deposit sin cards should no longer pop into view and then disappear when you get within range.
  • Using a scan hammer to crack surface deposits will now result in a smaller resource reward than using sonic detonators.
  • Squad Thumpers have been renamed to match personal thumper progression (Stock, Light, Medium, Heavy).
  • The Accord now gives the full 100% bonus to all squad members for completing a personal thumper – it is no longer split.
  • Thumper locations are reserved for the thumper’s owner for 30 seconds after thumper is sent back.
  • All thumper health increased by approx. 25%.
  • Thumper capacities adjusted to reward greater risks of moving up in weight class.
  • Squad thumper capacities increased to encourage more squad thumping.
  • New STOCK Squad Thumper introduced by The Accord Technologists. Perfect for that squad using new Battleframes!
  • Fixed a bug where Thumper boss waves would respawn.
  • Slightly decreased the health on crystals inside the Melding tornado portal.
  • All the tiki thumpers are now correctly using the tiki thumper web icon.

PvP Changes

  • Small, Medium, and Large healing powerups increased to restore 1.5 times more health.
  • Added the 2 teleporters back in to each spawn room in Sunken Harbor.
  • Removed the penalty for carrying Double Damage – the player with it no longer takes bonus damage, only deals bonus damage.
  • XP rewards for PvP should no longer be split among the team. XP rewards were meant to be for the individual.
  • Fixed an issue with the challenge mode where a player would not receive an invite if they had any players on their ignore list.
  • Spectator mode should now properly display the in-game clock, score, etc. when observing a match.
  • When spectating via the challenge mode, the camera should now properly attach to a player at the start.
  • Keybindings and mouse controls should now work properly in spectator mode.
  • Clicking the exit button in spectator mode should now exit the match cleanly.

Battleframe Changes

  • Primary Weapons – Did a pass on all primary weapon ammunition and added some weight/size to projectiles.
  • Raptor
    • Reduced weapon damage by 20% (PvP only)
    • SIN Scrambler – Reduced damage to half weapon damage.
    • Overload – Reduced damage to half of weapon damage.
    • Overload – Now arcfolds the appropriate weapon to the user on activation.
  • Nighthawk
    • Reduced primary weapon damage by 20% and reduced "Ambush" damage bonus by 5% (PvP only)
    • Eruption Rounds – Now arcfolds the appropriate weapon to the user on activation.
  • Recon
    • Increased accuracy, clip size, and damage of the R36 (primary weapon) at all stages.
    • SIN Scrambler – Can now be used with the R36 (accord recon primary)
  • Bastion
    • Sentinel Pod – Limited max hostile targets to 1
    • Deployables will now get the appropriate stats at all levels.
    • Fixed a bug where Bastion was getting Starting Gear in PvP.
    • Bastion Ultimate (Fortify) – Fixed a bug where the player was getting fully healed instead of the sentinel pod.
  • Electron
    • Tesla Alt Fire – Reduced the rate of energy drain to match new energy totals.
  • Engineer
    • Sticky Grenade Launcher – Added explosion audio when sticking grendes to an NPC or player.
    • Anti-Personnel Turret should no longer loop audio.
  • Tigerclaw
    • Buffed the damage of all ranks of Disruption. Starting was 212, now 350. PvP was 375, now 600.
    • Increased the run speed bonus provided by Trailblaze to 120% at the starting value, up from 110%. Remains 130% in PvP
  • Firecat
    • Immolate damage significantly increased – 75 per tick base, up from 38. PvP damage buffed to 90 per tick. Immolate radius increased to 5m base, up from 3.4m. PvP range left alone (5m)
    • Thermal Wave base damage increased from 212 to 350, and all crafting ranges increased accordingly. PvP damage is still 375.
  • Assault
    • Plasma Cannon – Increased speed of the projectile to better fit in between Thermal Cannon and Fusion Cannon
  • Recluse
    • Creeping death – Fixed a bug where the radius was far larger than intended.
  • Dragonfly
    • BioRifle (Dragonfly primary) – Players should no longer warp around while firing.
    • Fixed a bug where Dragonfly was getting Starting Gear in PvP.
  • Rhino
    • Sundering Wave now causes targets to take 15% more damage at base, up from 12%. All stages raised accordingly. PvP raised to 20% extra damage taken by affected targets.
    • Heavy Laser MG base damage per round raised to 46, up from 38. All stages raised accordingly. PvP damage increased from 77 per round to 80.
  • Dreadnaught
    • Fixed the issue causing the Accord Dreadnaught’s passive effects to become stuck on his body.

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