Powering Up the POIs: Crafting and Vehicle Vendors

Patch 0.6.1621 brought us the new POI system, where the four major cities of New Eden can now have their SIN Towers powered up by player collaboration to offer new rewards when they’re under Accord control. POI stands for “Point of Interest”, and refers to a large or small town with a SIN tower.

Updated: 26 September 2013 for Patch 0.7.1710

Major POIs

This system is in force in Copacabana, Sunken Harbor, Trans-Hub and Thump Dump. Near the SIN Tower in each of these cities, you’ll find a Power Grid Amplifier console that accepts Crystite Resonators to increase the SIN Tower’s power. The SIN Towers have three power levels, as follows:

Power AMPlifier Console in Copacabana

  • Level 1 – 0-1024 MW
  • Level 2 – 0-2048 MW
  • Level 3 – 0-1024 MW

Clicking on the console gives you the option to deposite Crystite Resonators, and each Resonator increases the power level by 20 megawatts. The power slowly decays, as well, losing a few MW every 1.5 seconds, so a powered-up POI won’t stay that way forever without more Resonators. (Putting in a Resonator freezes the decay for five minutes, though.)

On a brand new shard, the POIs seem to start at 256/1024 MW in Level 1. When a POI is powered up to the next level, it will jump to 50% of the way through that level; when it decays enough to lose a level, it’ll drop straight to 10% of the lower level.

Crystite Resonators are given for every event reward that includes Accord Merit Points (or AMPs), and can also be purchased from vendors near each town’s nanoprinter for 1 AMP each. Depositing a resonator gives you 500 XP in your current frame, and also awards you 1 Copacabana, Sunken Harbor, Trans-Hub or Thump Dump Voucher (depending on where you’re depositing it). These vouchers can be spent at Quartermaster NPCs to buy weapons, and are also used to buy components needed for the keys to the new Melding Pockets.

As each POI increases in power, new NPCs and deployables spawn. In addition, the global buff granted by that town increases. We don’t have hard numbers yet on the scale of the bonus for each town, though the 0.6.1621 patch notes do mention that Sunken Harbor goes from 1% bonus experience at Level 1 to 5% at Level 3. Sunken Harbor gives a global XP buff, Trans-Hub reduces ability cooldowns, Copacabana grants health regen, and Thump Dump gives a resource boost.

POI Power Level 1

NPCs: Default NPCs
Deployables: Chosen SIN Detector (puts all Chosen attacking the POI into SIN for 2 minutes)

POI Power Level 2

Global buff increases.
NPCs: Extra civilians and guards
Deployables: Flamethrower & Riot Gun turrets; Area SIN Detectors (puts all nearby enemies into SIN and increases damage done to them)

POI Power Level 3

Global buff increases.
NPCs: Extra civilians and guards; crafting vendors for progression tokens and P39 Cobra LGVs
Deployables: AA guns; energy barriers; sensor drones (mobile SIN Detectors). Melding Pocket Arcporters can be used to travel to the three melding pockets (see our melding pocket access guide for more information).

Minor POIs

Minor outposts – SIN Towers other than the four major cities – are always considered to be at Level 1, and can’t be powered up. They do have some features of the cities’ higher power levels, however, such as activatable gun turrents and SIN detectors.

Each minor POI that is under Accord control grants a small stacking damage buff to all players, although the UI doesn’t currently show when this buff is gained/increased/decreased/lost. (Note that this is accurate as at the 0.6 Milestone and may have been adjusted behind the scenes since then.)

New Crafting Vendors

Two new ‘exclusive’ vendors are available in each town, but only while that town is at Power Level 3.

  • The Vehicle Components vendor sells components needed to craft a P-39 Cobra LGV.
  • The Classified Tech vendor sells crafting components needed to make progression items for each battleframe.

Vehicle Vendors and the Cobra P-39 LGV

Vehicle vendors are available in each town at Power Level 3, and each sells a separate component for the craftable P-39 LGV. Each component costs 50,000 Crystite. The final component, P-39 Keys, can be purchased from the Crafting Component Vendor near each nanoprinter.

Classified Tech Vendors and Progression Items

One of the major changes in 0.6.1621 is that battleframe XP unlocks now require special frame-specific items for boxes 8, 9 and 10 in each tree. You can buy these at the various Classified Tech Vendors, although different frames will need to visit different towns.

For more information, check out our Battleframe Progression Token Cheatsheet.

Vendor Locations

TownClassified Tech VendorVehicle Components Vendor
CopacabanaCorporal Leticia DelgadoLieutenant Dwayne Tucker
Sunken HarborCal DenmanDynamo
Thump DumpCorporal JatoJun
Trans-HubStaff Sergeant Thane FisherBlanca Gomes

For now, we’ve taken down the maps showing the vendor locations and waypoints, as these NPCs have moved around a bit. We’ll update this guide after the next Milestone patch when Copacabana will be revamped.

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Siha is a longtime gamer and game blogger. She writes her own gaming blog at Siha Games! and has been enjoying Firefall ever since she scored a beta key.

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