Funky Instance Name Generator

Firefall’s server instances are numbered – that’s kinda boring.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you could get a unique name for your instance?  Well, now you can!

Using some kind of Lua voodoo, the Funky Instance Name Generator (or Fing) will create a readable name for your instance.  Fing has been designed to work stand-alone and can be invoked from your own addon.

Download the latest version of Fing here

Calling Fing from your addon

If you are an addon author that uses the numerical instance ID for display, why not add an option to show the name instead?  Here’s the steps required to use Fing:

1. Add a copy of Fing.lua to your addon’s folder

2. Add this code to the top of your addon:

require "./Fing.lua"

3. Call Fing thusly:

local myinstancename = fing.GetInstanceName( myinstanceid );

Note that the input is optional. If you leave it blank then you will get the current instance’s name, otherwise you can specify an instance ID to get the name for that instance.

Now, isn’t that someFing!?  :D

Version notes

- Added an option to let you change the format of the response
- /fing accepts an instance ID as a parameter
- Instance name is shown on /rui

- Added support for /fing command

- Gives you a name for your instance


Fing works in Melder.  Firefall forums post.  Fing is providing the instance names for


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  1. Wyntyr June 1, 2013 at 04:40 #

    Cool idea! Wizard101 names their servers/instances and the players can pull the list to see how busy (basically) the server you are on is, plus all the others. You can just click the server you want if your current one is busy/causing probs. Alot of fantasy names for them of course–unicorn, banshee, etc.

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