Privacy Policy

As part of maintaining Astrek Association, we gather some statistics and information about visitors, such as location, operating system, browser, screen resolution, the site you came from, how long you spend reading various pages, and so on. These stats are gathered not for the purpose of Evil™ but to allow us to better tailor the site for its audience.

In addition, we collect no more information than 99% of other sites on the web; if you’re concerned about privacy, we recommend using a dereferrer and an anonymising service.

Our commenting service requires to you leave an email address as part of your comment. This helps cut down on spam, and it allows us to contact you directly if there’s an issue we can help you with. We won’t ever give any identifying details to third parties (except as required by law, obviously, since we don’t have a choice about that one); nor will we sell your email address to spammers, or anything inappropriate of that ilk.