March Red Bean Bundles Available

March Red Bean BundlesThe new Red Bean bundles for March are available now, with a mix of old and new rewards.

The rewards are as follows; all of these are in addition to the normal Red Beans you receive for your purchase.

$5 pack, $10 pack

  • “Beta Vanguard” in-game title

$20 pack, $50 pack

  • “Beta Adventurer” in-game title (shows as “Beta Vanguard” until next patch)
  • Feline Ears
  • Emerald Glider Pad

$100 pack

  • “Beta Vanguard” in-game title
  • Feline Ears
  • Emerald Glider Pad
  • Zephyr LGV
  • Verne Goggles

The Beta Vanguard title was last available as a reward for playing the Closed Beta. The Emerald Glider Pad and Verne Goggles are new; the Feline Ears and Zephyr LGV were also available in February’s Red Bean bundles.

To check out the rewards, see:

You can buy Red Beans from your account page on the Firefall site, or straight from in-game from the Cash Shop section of the Nav Wheel.

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  1. Wyntyr April 11, 2014 at 01:58 #

    No April Red Bean Bundles…:(

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