Baneclaw: the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer Crafting Guide

Baneclaw: the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer Crafting Guide

Updated: 26 September 2013 for Patch 0.7.1710

Baneclaw is one of the most dangerous opponents in Firefall, and fighting him requires a lot of preparation. It’s an involved procedure, and it’s helpful to look at the big picture when making your plans.

Baneclaw is a huge scarab who lives in the Melding – he’s a “world boss” and requires at least 25 players to beat. You won’t ever find him just wandering around, however – he must be specifically summoned by using a crafted Melding Anomaly Neutralizer at a Melding Anomaly in the northern part of the map. (The anomaly appears in the Melding, but you can gain access to it by using one of the Repulsor Amplifiers to push the Melding back from that area for a short while.)

Other guides discuss how to choose the right group to fight Baneclaw and the fight’s strategy, so we’ll take a look at how to acquire the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer, or MAN.

The MAN is assembled in the nanoprinter by combining two crafted items: the Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer (EMAN) and the Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell (ESMC).

Using the finished MAN expends the ESMC in it and gives you back an EMAN. You can then add a new ESMC to that EMAN in the nanoprinter to turn it back into a MAN. Effectively, the EMAN is a permanent item to which you add a consumable ESMC.

Let’s take a look at the components you’ll need to make, and the nanoprinter processes to make them:

EMAN: Empty Melding Anomaly Neutralizer

The EMAN takes 30 minutes to craft, and requires the following components:

  • 110,000 Crystite
  • 5 Advanced MPUs
  • 10 Azurite Terminal Cores (crafted in 2 batches of 5)
  • 3 Metallic Casings
  • 3 Polymorphous Fibers
  • 3 Crystalline Crystite Engines

Other than the crystite, all of these are craftable items found in the Subcomponents menu in the nanoprinter. Note that Polymorphous Fibers and Crystalline Crystite Engines are also potential rewards from Crashed Thumper dynamic events, which can save you some crafting time and resources.

The total resources needed to make the subcomponents of the EMAN are:

  • 114,000 Crystite
  • 4,250 of any Mineral (Metal or Composite)
  • 1,500 of any Metal
  • 2,750 of any Gas (Reactive or Inert)
  • 4,250 of any Organic (Biomaterials or Enzymes)

(Remember you’ll only ever have to make the EMAN once, because you’ll get it back after using your MAN.)

Crafting an EMAN

ESMC: Encapsulated Super-Melded Cell

The ESMC takes 30 minutes to craft, and requires the following components:

  • 2,500 Crystite
  • 1 Transfer DNA Array
  • 1 Coding DNA Sequence
  • 1 Isolated Mitochondrial DNA Strain

The DNA resources for these components come from refining items dropped by dead Melding wildlife. These refining processes return 5 of the DNA components you need so you’ll need 15 runs of each DNA Processing schematic to acquire all the necessary processed DNA.

The total resources needed to make the subcomponents of the ESMC are:

  • 10,000 Crystite
  • 7,500 Metals
  • 2,500 Composites
  • 7,500 Inert Gas
  • 2,500 Reactive Gas
  • 7,500 Biomaterial
  • 2,500 Enzymes
  • 1,500 Melded Glial Cell Smears
  • 300 Melded Blood Sample
  • 75 Melded Muscle Tissue

Crafting an ESMC

The Finishing Touches For Your Baneclaw Run

Of course, once you’ve made your ESMC and your EMAN, you still have to assemble them into the finished Melding Anomaly Neutralizer. Don’t leave this until the last minute – it’s a 24-hour crafting process.

Repulsors: Pushing Back the Melding

Baneclaw spawns at the Melding Anomaly, which can only be safely accessed by using a Repulsor Amplifier to push back the Melding. These Amplifiers can be found at three locations on the northern beaches, and each will push back one section of the Melding wall. They’re powered up using Melded Crystite, which drops from enemies you kill in this area, and by thumping near the Melding wall in the north. (You can also get Melded Crystite from thumping or killing enemies in the melding pockets.) You need 4,000 Melded Crystite to activate the repulsor, which will run for about 20 minutes; you can extend the time by adding more Melded Crystite. If you’re organising a Baneclaw run, you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of Melded Crystite on hand.

Fighting Baneclaw

Opinions differ on how to execute the Baneclaw fight, and there are a number of great guides out there. To learn more about recommended team composition and gear loadouts, and the fight’s mechanics, you might like to check out Sh0ppinglist’s guide to How to Kill a Baneclaw. If you’re looking for a group to run Baneclaw with, FFANZ organises frequent Baneclaw runs.

So here’s a quick overview of everything involved in killing Baneclaw!

Crafting Amplifier Crystite Cores

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  1. NeoXonE June 15, 2013 at 01:44 #

    Beautifully done guide with lots of details and pics.

    Thanks Siha for updating the MAN crafting guide with the new resource types.

    And that last pic made me smile :)

    • Siha June 15, 2013 at 10:26 #

      The pictures are all Kris’s handiwork – I just wrapped some words around them :) Glad you like the guide though — hope it’s useful!

  2. Wyntyr June 19, 2013 at 02:15 #

    Excellent work! I haven’t done a Baneclaw run yet and have been thinking about getting in one before Open Beta. This will help alot. Thank you!

  3. mris June 21, 2013 at 09:02 #

    Awesome guide – thank you for taking the time to post. Know that a ton of people think the same and are just silent when it comes to posting.

  4. Fabricio21RJ June 26, 2013 at 00:08 #

    Nice! Very useful!

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    Great guide! The images really help visualize it better, nice and easy to understand. Thank you for all the guides actually. Really a fan of all your guys’ work.

    • Siha July 4, 2013 at 13:25 #

      Thankyou! Glad they’re useful :)

  6. R4g3qu17 September 24, 2013 at 17:44 #

    Hey Siha, you should probably edit this to indicate that the melding repulsors now require melded crystite instead of amplifier crystite cores.

    • Siha September 26, 2013 at 09:06 #

      Done, and thankyou for the reminder.

  7. ElClub October 4, 2013 at 02:02 #

    This is my number one site to help me progress in Firefall.
    Can you give a hint where to get melded muscle tissue? Haven’t found none so far and I haved thump in the pockets, hell everywhere and nothing.
    Get the good work. Best

    • Siha October 5, 2013 at 01:08 #

      Melded muscle tissue drops from melded creatures – not in the pockets, but those you find accompanying the chosen, near tornados, and near the melding wall. You’re looking for melded hissers, culexes and aranhas. The new melded scorchers and varants may also drop them; I haven’t experimented yet. The easiest way to farm large numbers of these mobs is to thump near the melding wall (though be careful – it’s much harder than regular thumping!).

      Melded muscle tissue is very scarce at the moment though — I’m not sure whether it’s actually bugged or not, but the lack of it is a well-known problem.

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