How to Equip Crafted Gear in Firefall

Please note this information is outdated! Check out our updated cheatsheet instead.

So you’ve just crafted yourself a shiny new piece of Stage 2 gear for your favourite battleframe, but it doesn’t show up when you’re trying to equip it in the garage? Judging by the forums and zone chat, this is a very common problem, so here’s a quick guide to equipping crafted gear in Firefall.

Stage 1 gear is easily crafted and has no fitting prerequisites. However, Stage 2 equipment – identified by a name like “Plasma Cannon II” or “Jumpjets II” – is more complex to craft, and you need to have unlocked specific levels in your frame’s XP progression to fit it. If you don’t meet the prerequisites for an item, it won’t even show up in your equipment list in the battleframe garage interface.

The tooltip for a Stage 2 item will tell you which XP unlock you need as a prerequisite. You can see this on a crafted item in your inventory, and it’s also visible from the nanoprinter interface while you’re crafting the item.

Stage 2 Crafted Equipment Prerequisites

There are three possible prerequisites for Stage 2 equipment: the sixth unlock from the Mass, Power and Cores paths.

  • Pressure Treated Ceramsteel is unlock #6 for the Mass path. It’s the prerequisite for Jumpjets II, Servos II, and all Plating IIs. It’s also the prerequisite for some frames’ Passive ability modules – generally those relating to survivability.
  • Zero Point Energy Inductor is unlock #6 for the Power path. It’s the prerequisite for all Stage 2 primary and secondary weapons (eg Bio Crossbow II, Assault Rifle II). It’s also the prerequisite for Passive ability modules that boost damage output.
  • Nanoprocessors is unlock #6 for the Cores path. It’s the prerequisite for all Stage 2 ability modules, including HKMs.

Here’s a handy reference sheet to show you which XP unlocks you’ll need to equip your Stage 2 gear of choice.

Stage 2 Crafted Module Prerequisites

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  1. JV July 11, 2013 at 15:03 #

    What about ability modules? playing an Engineer and I have created more turret ability modules but nothing shows up when i try to equip it into ability slot, just shows, basic turret or whatever in the garage.

    • Siha July 11, 2013 at 18:46 #

      If you look at our updated cheatsheet, which is linked at the top of the post, you’ll see the prerequisites for ability modules. The ability 1, 2 and 3 refers to the default slot in which you’ll find the ability when you first get the frame. If you’ve made a crafted Heavy Turret I, it should list a prerequisite on the tooltip when you try to equip it (the prerequisite is Cores Tech 2). If you’re not seeing it at all in the garage, you may have a bug and should submit a support ticket to the Rangers.

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