Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.6.1621

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

Patch Highlights

  • In-game squad voice chat now added.
  • Beta Crystite vendor is active with all announced items.
  • Two new abilities added to each battleframe archetype for open world use.
  • Added components as very rare loot drops from larger creatures.
  • Trans-Hub Command rework and optimization.
  • Power levels added to major POIs. Increasing a POI’s power level increases its global buff along with adds new NPCs such as special vendors.
  • Progression costs have been adjusted down.
  • The P-39 Cobra (LGV) can now be crafted.
  • Equipment durability and repairs added. For the time being, repairing equipment is free of cost.
  • Improvements to the visuals and functionality of the Crafting and Garage UI (more improvements yet to come).

In-game Voice Chat

  • Added in-game squad Voice Chat. You can configure your settings at the Options -> Voice Chat menu.
  • Added a key bind option in Key Bindings for Voice Chat push-to-talk (PTT).

Beta Crystite

  • Ratchet has relocated and opened up shop for all your Beta Crystite purchases. You can find her nearby Spicy Al’s in Copacabana, just past the fruit stand. Items immediately available (all prices in Beta Crystite):
    • Beta Crystite Pack: 10,000. Each pack comes with one consumable, one boost and a one-time use version of a Beta Crystite item with a small chance of a permanent version of the item.
    • 50% resource boost, 60 mins: 10k
    • T.E.X. Leash: 20k
    • Cobra LGV: 75k
    • Angel Wing Gliderpad: 300k
    • 5% Permanent Resource Boost: 15k
    • 10% Resource Boost, 6 months: 250k
    • Beta Crystite Crate (11 Beta Crystite Packs): 100k
    • Crystalwing Gliderpad: 20k
    • Diamondwing Gliderpad: 100k


  • Changed the progression curve on newly crafted abilities.
  • Lots of new visual effects and sounds to existing weapons and abilities.
  • Added 10 new abilities to use in the open world (2 per archetype, usable by all frames within the archetype).These can be crafted at the Molecular Printer.
  • Improved hit registration and network performance.
  • Added subtle strafing momentum.


  • Added Bombs Away: The Assault deploys a barrage of bombs, damaging targets in the area of effect.
  • Added Burn Jets: Activate Burn Jets, allowing the Assault to hover over the ground.Enemies underneath the jets are damaged.


  • Fixed a bug where you could use Trailblaze with the scatter shot alt fire.
  • Fixed a bug where missile shot was not working with the basic plasma cannon.


  • Fuel Air Bomb now leaves a fire patch in its wake.


  • Added Poison Ball: Shoots a ball that damages targets and afflicts them with poison, damaging them further over time.
  • Added Healing Generator: Deploys a healing generator that leashes to nearby allies and converts a portion of their damage into healing.


  • Fixed a bug where the Recluse passive wasn’t doing any damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Kinetic Shot was only doing 1 damage.


  • Added Turret Mode: Toggled activation ability that locks the Dreadnaught in place.While in Turret Mode, the Dreadnaught has increased damage, rate of fire, accuracy and a damage absorption shield that reapplies itself.
  • Added Absoption Bomb: The Dreadnaught braces for impact, briefly gaining extreme damage resistance. The Dreadnaught then explodes outwards, dealing the absorbed damage to nearby enemies.


  • Fixed a bug where the Dreadnaught passive wasn’t activating.


  • Laser MG Alt Fire reload has been fixed so it plays the proper animation.
  • Fixed a bug where Sundering Wave wasn’t debuffing targets.
  • Fixed a bug where Dreadfield wasn’t working.


  • Added Charged Pulse Generator: The Engineer shoots out a deployable that begins charging up ambient energy. When fully charged, the deployable deals heavy damage and knocks back nearby enemies.
  • Added Claymore: Places a directional explosive. Enemies who trigger the claymore take heavy damage. Several claymores can be stored at one time.


  • Fixed a bug where the Engineer passive wasn’t healing deployables.


  • Fixed a bug where Overseer (Bastion) stats were not coming from crafting.


  • Shock rifle has added damage degradation with a lower max range.
  • Fixed an issue where the Shock Rifle was not doing 1.5x damage on headshots.


  • Added Resonating Bolts: The Recon shoots out a powerful explosive that detonates after a short time. This ability has several charges that can be stored up.
  • Added Proximity Response: The Recon explodes outwards, damaging and knocking back nearby enemies. Affected targets become briefly snared, significantly reducing their movement speed.


  • Smoke Screen now provides a short stealth duration to allies. Stealth lasts while in the smoke or for two seconds outside of it.


  • SIN Scrambler now taunts NPCs on hit, causing creatures to attack the target (no additional effect in PVP).

Open World

  • Added component loot drops from creatures.
  • Resource rewards added for encounters and ARES missions.
  • Resource veins are now bigger so multiple players can thump on the same node.
  • Added the ability to look at what resources are in that SIN area by pressing TAB while viewing the world map.
  • Crafting items now have shareable components.
  • Fixed various issues with clipping and collision in regards to mountains in the open world.
  • Updated deployable collision radius, players should no longer be able to place deployables under players (ex. glider pads).
  • Finding resources should be much easier via world map display and resource area tuning.
  • Squad thumpers now remove the full quantity collected from resource veins.
  • Accord completion bonuses are now taken from the resource veins.
  • Player-built LGV race starting line will now despawn properly.
  • Fixed various props around the open world.
  • Fixed an issue where SIN Imprints would not play upon collection.
  • Fixed an issue where using anything with a physics event on a Melding Tornado Shard would cause it to fall to the ground (they are now immune to physics events).
  • Fixed an issue where the Dropship would disappear when a player is dropped off in Copa.
  • Fixed an issue where Chosen Engineer would over use its ability to spawn Drones.
  • Fixed an issue where the interact button would cover faces of “short” or sitting NPCs.
  • Known Issue: Participating in a thumper encounter will override the TAB key to show a scoreboard instead of the durability paper doll.The current work around is to reload your UI using the /rui command.

Melding Anomaly Neutralizer and Melding Field

  • The gameplay flow has changed for the beginning of this encounter.
  • The Melding Anomaly no longer does damage.
  • To activate a Melding Anomaly Neutralizer a player with a M.A.N Unit in their inventory just needs to interact with the Anomaly itself.
  • The Encounter will begin as normal.
  • Fixed an issue where users were not getting an empty MAN after using a charged MAN.

ARES Missions

  • ARES Missions now more prominently display their difficulty on the world map.
  • ARES missions now provide raw resource rewards commensurate with difficulty.
  • Retrieval ARES missions have further cleanup on end-of-scenario crashes.

Trans-Hub Command

  • Trans-Hub has undergone some changes for future plans.
  • Improved the flow of the city and reduced some of the clutter.
  • Improved performance of the city.
  • Removed the old tunnel for the LGV mission.


  • Power levels are now in for Copacabana, Trans-Hub, Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor. UI is currently missing, though a SIN card on the terminal shows all relevant information. Power is measured in megawatts.
  • Note: UI is not complete for this feature yet.
  • Players can upgrade the power level depositing Crystite Resonators into the power amplifier terminals at these locations.
  • Power levels can decay if Crystite Resonators have not been deposited after some time.
  • Crystite Resonators are awarded after events in which Accord Merit Points are awarded.They can also be bought from normal crafting vendors for 1 Accord Merit Point each.
  • At each additional level, the global buff given by the tow will increase in power (for example, Sunken Harbor’s XP buff goes from 1% at level 1 to 5% at level 3).
  • Outposts that are not Copacabana, Trans-Hub, Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor are always considered to be at level 1 and are not under some of the restrictions of the bigger towns.
  • New sets of civilians and guards spawn at power levels 2 and 3.
  • “Exclusive NPCs” are present at specified power levels of the POI. Look out for these advanced crafting vendors:
    • Corporal Leticia Delgado – Copacabana
    • Carl Denman – Sunken Harbor
    • Corporal Jato – Thump Dump
    • Staff Sergeant Thane Fisher – Trans-Hub
  • New sets of deployables spawn at power levels 2 and 3.
  • Level 1 (level range: 0-100 megawatts): Chosen SIN Detector – places all Chosen that are attacking the outpost into SIN for 2 minutes.
  • Level 2 (level range: 0-200 megawatts): Newly tweaked Flamethrower and Riot Gun turrets and Area SIN detectors (places nearby enemies into SIN and increases damage dealt to them).
  • Level 3 (level range: 0-100 megawatts): AA guns, energy barriers and sensor drones which act as mobile SIN Detectors.
  • Automated outpost turrets have received a slight revamp and should be more effective in the fight against the Chosen.


  • Progression constraint unlocks now cost Crystite in addition to resources, experience and crafted items.
  • Progression constraint costs have been adjusted down.
  • Stock, Stage 1 and Stage 2 items have been rebalanced.
  • Progression constraints have been renamed and now have tooltips.
  • Progression items are now craftable with rare components purchased at POIs from special NPCs that spawn at Power Level 3.
  • CPU is now functioning properly.
  • CPU Cores are now available for purchase at crafting vendors. Mod your gear today!


  • Added recipe to convert Crystite to Beta Crystite (1:1 ratio).
  • More progress on the crafting UI both visually and functionally (it is still a work in progress, though).
  • Added refine button which acts as a shortcut to the refining recipes.
  • All components will now take a very short time to craft (usually 10 seconds).
  • All final items will take enough time to let you do a thumper or two, or some PvP.
  • Trying to craft a crystite hybrid component will select the raw resource refining recipe.
  • Shared components! Many components can be used in similar items.
  • Cleaned up the Nanoprint lists a bit, less spam.
  • Aranha, Thrasher, Hisser, Culex DNA and Chosen Tech pieces are now used in the creation of colored crystite hybrid modules, used in Stage 2 recipes and beyond.
  • Stage 2 items will almost always have superior performance than Stage 1 items.
  • Sifted Earth refining takes significantly less time.
  • Sliders have been implemented into the crafting UI.
  • Sliders can control the amount of a resource you can refine.
  • Select stackable items can be crafted in multiples.
  • Resources for crafting a component will be sorted by best to worst preferred stat value.
  • Fixed an issue causing some recipes not to show up in crafting UI.
  • Fixed an issue causing sifted earth to break input selection in crafting UI.
  • Fixed an issue where components could not be selected on some recipes.
  • Fixed an issue where the stats scroll bar was not resizing.
  • Fixed an issue where the recipe tree was duplicating itself in the Misc category.
  • Known Issue: The second workbench at the Molecular Printer will sometimes disappear after unloading or loading from it. Using the command /rui in chat will bring it back.

Cobra P-39

  • The Cobra P-39 is the first craftable LGV in the game and now has a Nanoprint at the Molecular Printer. This is a permanent vehicle.
  • The Cobra P-39 requires 5 components to be built: Cobra P-39 Keys, Tri-Axial Wheels, Microfusion Engine, Transverse Suspension, Metalloid Chassis.
  • The Cobra P-39 Keys can be found at the vendor in Copacabana near the Molecular Printer.
  • All other components are found at vendors in the POIs affected by power levels only when the POI’s power level is 3. Look out for these vendors:
    • Lieutenant Dwayne Tucker – Copacabana
    • Dynamo – Sunken Harbor
    • Jun – Thump Dump
    • Blanca Gomes – Trans-Hub
  • Components for the P-39 are bought for Crystite.

Crafted Equipment Durability and Repairs

  • Added a HUD element to display when equipment is about to break or is broken.This pops up at 50% but can be brought up at any time with TAB.
  • All equipment will take a 10% durability hit after dying and respawning in the open world.
  • Equipment will take durability hits from general usage.
  • Equipment can be repaired at the Garage.
  • Repairing equipment is currently free of Crystite charge (temporarily only).


  • Fixed an issue where XP and Resource boost notifications were displaying 0% boost.
  • Triple monitor: splash screens should be more consistent when switching from the login screen to the main UI.
  • Triple monitor: left and right monitors are now blacked out during loading screen.
  • Triple monitor: loading screens with descriptions will no longer stretch onto the third monitor.
  • Fixed an issue where you could not play SIN Imprints through the Achievements UI.
  • Fixed an issue where loot UI would give errors in trying to access obsolete stats.


  • Adjustments made to progression and Garage UI.
  • You can see all owned equipment regardless of requirements.
  • Item requirements stand out more – if the item is red you cannot equip that item.
  • All abilities in the Garage now have tooltips.
  • It is now possible to view tooltips and loadouts for battleframes not owned.
  • Equipping/Viewing gear choices in Garage has been streamlined.
  • The amount of the resource needed to progress the battleframe selected is now displayed in the Garage.
  • Items in the Garage show their durability pool.
  • Items in the Garage now have a little icon on them when they are damaged.
  • There is now a button in the Garage that allows players to repair damaged items.
  • Clicking on various parts of the player is no longer required.Select the slot you wish to modify from a list to the right of your character in the Garage screen.
  • Changed font and coloring on Tooltips.
  • Tooltips are now positioned relative to mouse’s vertical position on the frame.
  • Prevented right clicking out of Garage.
  • Pressing ‘Esc’ in the Garage while the slotting interface is focused will close the Garage and not just the interface.
  • Fix for redundant stats appearing in tooltips that are already calculated as attributes.
  • Fix for inverted stats being +/- flipped in item tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the item tooltip would break when using compare.
  • Fixed some missing description text of some items.

Patch 0.6.1623 Bugfixes (a href=””>original thread here)

  • Fixed an issue causing several crashes in beta (including sending thumpers back).
  • Fixed an issue where non-Assault battleframes could not open the Beta Crystite Crate (x11)
  • Fixed an issue where some battleframe abilities were damaging and killing players in the open world.
  • Fixed an issue where bringing up TAB to display durability would display incorrect information.
  • Fixed an issue where the Diamond and Crystal Wing Glider Pads would not deploy after using the pad.
  • Fixed an issue in the Garage that would erroneously display constraint bars across the UI after modifying cosmetic options.

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