Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.7.1665 (June Milestone)

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

Patch Highlights

  • Added full item loot drops into the game.
  • Added three small playable areas (Melding Pockets) into the game: Antarctica, Diamond Head and Sargasso Sea.
  • Added our first five player instance, Blackwater Anomaly, to the game.
  • Added a new PvP gametype, Jetball, with its first map, Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena.
  • Updated the New Player Experience.
  • Added daily login rewards.
  • Updated daily achievements and added a rewards crate for completing the daily achievements.
  • Added a difficulty scaling system for the Open World.
  • Adjusted progression unlock resource requirements so that only groups of resources are required, not specific resources.
  • Added researching to crafting.
  • Added Stage III and Stage IV gear to crafting.
  • Added a player marketplace where players can buy and sell resources and certain items.
  • Fixed the issue causing achievement progress to reset upon logout.
  • Many UI improvements.
  • Firefall now available in French! Click the flag for France at the login for the French localized version.
  • Added a two-factor account protection system as well as the ability to change your registered e-mail address.
  • New Accounts page available at
  • Red Beans can be purchased via PayPal on the new Accounts page (more payment methods coming soon)!

Open World

Show Open World

  • Enemies and supply crates in the Open World now have a chance to drop full items of all stages as loot.
  • Certain enemies drop special items that can be used as consumables.
    • Culex: Mosquito Wings – allows the user to hover for a short duration.
    • Explosive Aranha: Fiery Aranha Gland – throw the gland to generate an explosive blast that damages enemies on impact.
    • Icy Aranha: Icy Aranha Gland – throw the gland to generate an icy blast that freezes enemies on impact.
    • Toxic Aranha: Toxic Aranha Gland – throw the gland to generate a poison field that damages enemies within.
    • Reckless Thresher: Adrenaline Gland – use the gland for a speed boost.
    • Chosen Drone: Hacked Chosen Drone – deploy a forcefield at your location.
    • Enemies in the Open World no longer drop components as loot.
  • Changed the daily achievements. Dailies are now compromised of three random events in the open world.
  • Completing daily achievements will award the player with a call-down crate that’s filled with all kinds of goodies including a guaranteed item! Access your crate via your calldown menu.
  • Added daily login bonuses that display upon first login for the day.
  • Added Info Bots to accompany each station in Copacabana to describe what the station is used for (audio only).
  • New identification system to help differentiate what stage of gear enemies are tuned for:
    • Yellow: Stage I
    • Orange: Stage II
    • Purple: Stage III
    • Red: Stage IV
  • Pressing "F" to add enemies to SIN will display this change.
  • Applied the new difficulty levels to ARES missions and other dynamic content.
  • Some ARES Missions have had their spawning logic adjusted to prevent unintended ambushes with multiple players in the encounter.
  • ARES icons updated to reflect their tuning for player composition as well as their difficulty level.
    • Group Missions have a small group icon above the ARES icon in the world map.
    • The bar to the right of the ARES icon displays the difficulty level of the ARES mission (see the con system above)
  • World map Improved
    • Displays Zone Control & Bonuses
    • Displays Legend
    • Mouse over icons for more details about the area or task.
  • New world map icons for:
    • Crashed Thumpers
    • Crashed LGVs
    • LGV Races
    • Towers
  • Added Vouchers as a currency that are earned by depositing Crystite Resonators the respective POI’s Crystite Resonator Recepticle.
  • Types of vouchers for the open world include:
    • Copacabana Voucher
    • Trans Hub Voucher
    • Thump Dump Voucher
    • Sunken Harbor Voucher
  • Vouchers can be spent at each POI’s Quartermaster for items or components for the corresponding Melding Pocket’s key.
  • Accord Air Traffic Control has authorized Dropships to increase their in-flight speeds.
  • Thumper names have been updated to match difficulty and recommended gear stages.
    • Stock Personal Thumper, Personal Thumper I, Personal Thumper II, and Personal Thumper III
    • Stock Squad Thumper, Squad Thumper I, Squad Thumper II, and Squad Thumper III
  • Upgraded the visuals of water and added new river technology.
  • A profanity filter has been added to character and army names.

Melding Pockets

Show Melding Pockets

  • Three Melding Pockets are now available: Sargasso Sea, Diamond Head and Antarctica.
  • Each player must create the key for the corresponding pocket before they may access the pocket.
  • Melding Pockets can only be accessed when their respective Point of Interest is at Power Level 3.
  • Thump for Melded Crystite in each pocket to repulse the Melding for special encounters.
  • Each special encounter has a chance to grant its required fragment to create the key for Blackwater Anomaly.
  • Added missions to direct players to attuning for the Melding Pockets.

Sargasso Sea

  • Sargasso Sea can be reached via the Arcfolder at Thump Dump.
  • Item required for access: Thump Dump Arcfold Modulator.

New Creatures

  • Scorpion Culex
  • Sargasso Thresher
  • Toxic Varant

Diamond Head

  • Diamond Head can be reached via the Arcfolder at Copacabana.
  • Item required for access: Copacabana Arcfold Modulator.

New Creatures

  • Pyre Wasp
  • Scorcher
  • Ash Dragon


  • Antarctica can be reached via the Arcfolder at Sunken Harbor
  • Item required for access: Sunken Harbor Arcfold Modulator.

New Creatures

  • Glacial Aranha
  • Rimehunter
  • Wooly Brontodon

Blackwater Anomaly

Show Blackwater Anomaly

  • Firefall’s first 5-man PvE instance, Blackwater Anomaly, is now live!
  • Fight the Chosen on their turf in a 40-60 minute co-op shooter experience
  • Experience an all new visual environment for Blackwater Marsh
  • Learn more about the Chosen, who they are, and what they’re up to
  • Queue up for Blackwater Anomaly using our new PvE Matchmaking system
    • To do this, form a squad with the squad leader having the key to Blackwater Anomaly
    • Have the squad leader use the ‘Melding Fragment Arcfolder’ in any major POI (Sunken Harbor, Copacabana, Thump Dump or Trans Hub)
    • Queue for Blackwater Anomaly!
    • Note: This feature is currently still in development and doesn’t currently handle new players entering an existing squad’s instance if they’re invited while the instance is in progress. So in the meantime, please have the squad you want to play with ready-to-go before queuing!

New Player Experience

Show New Player Experience

  • Made some adjustments to the New Player Experience.
  • Added DEIMOS as a guide during Battleframe Training in the Battle Lab.
  • Oilspill got a new wrap for his Dropship.
  • Added missions and voice over for a player’s first fly-in to Copacabana to explain systems in Firefall.
    • Uplink with SIN
    • Set a waypoint
    • Purchasing from vendors
    • Scanning and Thumping
    • Manufacturing
    • Unlocking equipment slots
    • Equipping new items


Show Jetball

  • Jetball is a new PvP gametype now available for play on the first map, Omnidyne-M Prototype Arena.
  • Rules:
    • One ball, spawns at the center of the map.
    • Two goals, one nearby each team’s spawn area.
    • Work with your team to move the ball into enemy territory and score on their goal.
    • One point is awarded for throwing the ball through the enemy team’s goal.
    • Three points are awarded for carrying the ball through the enemy team’s goal.
    • It is possible to score on your own goal, and that will award the enemy team points.
    • There are three periods in Jetball, each lasting five minutes.
    • Players may only change battleframes before the game begins and in between periods.
    • If at the end of three periods the score is tied, the teams will play in a sudden death fourth period.
    • Highest score wins the game.


Show PvP

  • Added a "Battle Arena Vendor" in Copacabana that currently sells PvP Titles.
  • PvP Titles can be bought with Battle Arena Vouchers.
  • Battle Arena Vouchers are earned through playing PvP.
  • PvP ability ordering has been fixed, abilities should no longer change their order randomly.


Show Combat

  • Female models are now 5% larger.
  • The delay between landing and jumping has been removed.
  • Running over a Trailblaze now refreshes its duration.
  • Accord Biotech Sprayer has been reduced in damage and healing.
  • Healing Pillar Max Targets Craftable stat has been increased and now goes from 3 to 7 to 5 to 11 targets.
  • PvP run speed has been reduced by 1m/s across all battleframes.
  • Range on Accord Chemical Sprayer adjusted from 8m to 6m.
  • Duration of Accord Chemical Sprayer has been adjusted from 18 seconds to 12 seconds.
  • Created new sound effects for air-sprinting.


Show Progression

  • Changed the resources required for progression unlocks.
    • Mass unlocks require any resource from the Mineral group.
    • Power unlocks require any resource from the Gas group.
    • CPU unlocks require any resource from the Organics group.
  • XP costs are now associated with unlocks for all equipment slots on new battleframes.
    • Existing players with the battleframes unlocked will not have to unlock their equipment slots.
    • Abilities and secondary weapons are unavailable until they are unlocked.
    • Primary weapons, plating, passives, servos and jumpjets cannot be upgraded until unlocked with XP.
  • Jump jet effects now change as players upgrade their CPU technology.
  • Completing all 10 level constraint unlocks on an advanced frame will unlock that frame’s special warpaint in the Garage.
  • Characters with already-existing fully progressed frames will get these warpaints shortly after the patch.


Show Crafting

  • Stages III and IV gear are now available to be crafted.
  • Players must now perform research to unlock the ability to craft gear and some items at the cost of time and crystite. The higher the stage, the more Crystite and time required.
  • Only gear recipes for unlocked battleframes may be researched.
  • Basic recipes unlock all Stage I items for the specified Battleframe or Shared Component.
    • ex. Researching Basic Biotech unlocks the ability to craft BioNeedler I, Healing Wave I, Poison Trail I, Triage I, Accord Chemical Sprayer I, and Siphon Plating I.
  • Stage II, III and IV recipes are unlocked individually.
  • Mission items do not need to be researched (ex. Melding Pocket keys, or the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer).
  • Updated the Crafting UI with tabs for easier navigation.
  • The Refine tab holds all the refining, blending and processing.
  • The Build tab is where items are crafted.
  • The Research tab is where you can research new crafting recipes.
  • Updated the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer subcomponents to have broader resource input requirements.
    • ex. DNA Biochip requires 7500 Inert Gas instead of Nitrine; 2500 Enzymes instead of Regenics.
  • Updated the Melding Anomaly Neutralizer recipe to be a bit more straightforward crafting Trimmed DNA Solutions, Filtered DNA Samples, and DNA Plasmatic Fractions.
  • Corrected some errors with various Nanoprints – players please keep reporting those issues!

Player Marketplace

Show Player Marketplace

  • Players can now trade certain items and equipment on the Player Marketplace!
  • Access the Player Marketplace from the Nav Wheel or by using the hotkey Alt+M.


Show UI

  • Updated the rewards screen for completing missions in the open world.
  • Updated the Achievement screen.
  • Updated the Private Lobby screen.
  • Improved the interface for depositing Crystite Resonators at Crystite Resonator Recepticles – now with a sliding bar!
  • Titles can be set in the garage, above your character name
  • All Founders have been given the Founder title
  • Setting your character title should update your forum title as well
  • Inventory tooltips display more correct stats.
  • Inventory comparison tooltips should behave more reliably.
  • Inventory comparison tooltips now compare constraints.

Game Client Performance

Show Game Client Performance

  • Improved performance and memory usage.
  • Screen Space Emissive LIghting quality improvements.
  • Twitch.TV streaming quality improvements.
  • Note: 32-bit operating systems are temporarily limited to High video settings due to an issue causing out of memory problems that has yet to have been identified.



Show Bugfixes

  • Fixed an issue that would clear achievement progress upon logout.
  • Fixed a bug where Poison Trail was using Stage II stats for Stage I.
  • Fixed an issue where Energy Wall would not be destroyed at 0 hp.
  • Fixed an issue where Laser HMG bullets weren’t traveling fast enough.
  • Fixed an issue causing floating ironsights with the Burst Rifle.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Melding "Trollnado"
  • Fixed an issue where Charge (Rhino) would not increase the user’s max sprint speed.
  • Fixed an issue where Fortify was not correctly increasing the rate of fire of turrets.
  • Fixed an issue where advancing CPU technology would not award the player with increased energy for the specified battleframe.
  • Fixed an issue where the army UI would vanish when clicking on the header window.

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