Firefall Guides Updated

It’s been quiet around these parts lately, because we’ve been working hard on getting all our guides, cheatsheets and calculators updated ready for Open Beta. Finally we’re done! All our current content is up-to-date with patches 0.7.1665 and 0.7.1666, and we’re ready to help all the new players that Open Beta will bring.

We’ve also implemented a new Firefall Guides Hub, which is a compilation of all our current guides, cheatsheets, calculators and articles. It’s sorted by subject, so whatever you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find the right guide for your needs. In the sidebar of our Guides Hub you can also find links to all the guides at RAWR4Firefall.

While we’re talking about site news, it’d be remiss of us not to mention our new Facebook page — you can now follow us on Facebook to keep up with the latest Astrek news. It’s where we’ll be talking about what we’re working on before it’s ready to post. And don’t forget you can also follow us on Twitter for chatter, site news, and Firefall talk!

And of course now all our existing guides are up to date, we’re not stopping there. We’ve got some new stuff coming down the pipe very soon, and if there’s anything you’d like to see covered by one of our guides or handy cheatsheets, please let us know.

(And don’t forget to take a look at the sidebar on our front page. We’ve now got a Resource Tracker for the current resources in New Eden, the Melding, and each Melding Pocket — and a “Best Resource” list showing the location of the highest current quality of each resource.)

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Siha is a longtime gamer and game blogger. She writes her own gaming blog at Siha Games! and has been enjoying Firefall ever since she scored a beta key.

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  1. Ticon July 17, 2013 at 01:17 #

    Finally a site worth reading!!!!

    great info here thank you for your updates!!!

  2. Bogyó July 25, 2013 at 04:13 #

    Great job and many thanks for this good stuff.

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