Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.7.1672

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

General Updates

  • You can now purchase a Copacabana Arcporter for Red Beans at Luau Larry’s.
  • The white wargrim should be easier to find.
  • You can only use /leavezone when a zone has been shut down or in PvP matches. No more tornado cheats.
  • Daily resource and item rewards will now call down a crate to interact with.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed multiple server crashes and memory leaks.
  • Improved server performance to handle higher loads.
  • Fix for mission waypoints not not showing up properly.
  • Turning off network streaming should now properly disable texture streaming.
  • Fixed an issue where your calldowns would disappear if a web service call failed.
    • While you won’t lose your calldowns anymore, if the web service call fails, you still might not get whatever item/resource/etc was part of the failed call.
  • Fixed an issue where you could thump in certain locations with no creatures spawning.
  • Fixed web UI not showing up after changing zones.
  • Language settings should no longer be overridden after re-launching the game.
  • Dropships will now timeout if the landing zone is too busy. No more drunk pilots.
  • You can no longer track recipes with no output on your mission tracker. (eg. crystite refining)
  • Geometry objects should "pop" less often.
  • A bunch of encounter/mission crash fixes.
  • Fix for battle labs getting stuck with no one in them.

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