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Prerequisites for Crafted Gear

How to Equip Crafted Gear in Firefall

So you’ve just crafted yourself a shiny new piece of gear for your favourite battleframe, but it doesn’t show up when you’re trying to equip it in the garage? Judging by the forums and zone chat, this is a very common problem, so here’s a quick guide to equipping crafted gear in Firefall.

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Firefall rd.autoExposure 1

Fix Your Firefall Brightness: A Quick Tip

Fix your Firefall brightness and cut down glare with these handy Firefall console commands, including a step-by-step guide to using the Firefall console.

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The Firefall nanoprinter

New Firefall Resources

New Firefall resources mean new things to learn! Check our guide to all the new gatherable resources in Patch 0.6.

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The March Milestone

Firefall Changes: the March Milestone Shakeup

Big changes are afoot in the world of Firefall, and the March milestone due this weekend will cause a big shakeup. Here’s a look at what’s changing, and what you can expect from Firefall this weekend.

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