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Now we’ve had a chance to have a look at the game in its live state, it’s time to start gathering information about the way all the new systems work. As part of the new patch, the resource system has been entirely revamped, and we have a whole range of new Firefall resources to learn about, gather and craft with.

The Firefall printer

To that effect, here’s the list of new resources added to the game, used for crafting. Most new resources have quality values like the old-style crystite hybrids, but there are also DNA samples that drop from creatures and technology scraps that drop from humanoid enemies.

The new Firefall resources are now split into five families of three resources each, and each resource has four attributes: Purity, Mass, Power and Cores.

Purity determines the yield of the raw resources when you process them at the nanoprinter.
Mass, Power and Cores affect the stats of the items you produce with the resource.

We’ll be publishing more information on crafting and the part resource quality plays in making good crafted items, but for now we should mention that the resource’s overall quality value is equal to the value of its primary attribute; the secondary and tertiary attributes aren’t included. (You can work out the secondary and tertiary attributes if you know the resource’s primary attribute value/quality value: the secondary attribute is equal to 2/3 of the quality and the tertiary attribute is equal to 1/3 of the quality.) Quality is indicated as Q^ in game. Note that all of these resources must be processed at the nanoprinter using the Raw Resource Refining process before you can use them in crafting schematics.

MetalsComputational MetalsCoresPowerMass
Conductive MetalsPowerMassCores
Hi-Tensile MetalsMassCoresPower
PolymersConductive PolymersPowerMassCores
Electroactive PolymersCoresPowerMass
Hi-Strength PolymersMassCoresPower
CarbonCarbon CompositesMassPowerCores
Electroactive CarbonCoresMassPower
Energized CarbonPowerCoresMass
BiomaterialsBio-Organic SmartgelsCoresPowerMass
Bio-Organic StintergelsMassCoresPower
Bioactive CompoundsPowerMassCores
CeramicsCeramic CompositesMassPowerCores
Ceramic DielectricsPowerCoresMass
Ceramic InsulatorsCoresMassPower

And if you’re looking for specific stats on your resources, here’s a handy cheat sheet you can print out and stick by your monitor to make sure you’re thumping for the right materials. Click the image for the full-size version.

Firefall resources cheat sheet

There are also a range of DNA items that drop from creatures. These come in three quality levels: white, green and blue. You can process 10 level 1 white DNA pieces into one level 2 green piece, 10 level 2 green pieces into one level 3 blue piece, and 10 level 3 blue pieces into one level 4 purple (“epic”) piece. These items don’t have any quality value beyond the basic colour divisions, and their qualities don’t change over time. You’ll find DNA scraps off the animals that aren’t native to Earth: aranhas, brontodons, claws, culexes, hissers, nautiluses, and threshers.

Similarly, you’ll find Arclight Salvage, Chosen Technology and Stolen Accord Tech from Sunken Harbor missions, killing Chosen and killing bandits respectively. These resources have the same quality levels and processing options as the DNA items.

So that’s the rundown of the new gatherable resources in Firefall’s Patch 0.6. Get out there and get thumping – and don’t forget to check back regularly (or subscribe!) for our upcoming guides to the new crafting system.

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Siha is a longtime gamer and game blogger. She writes her own gaming blog at Siha Games! and has been enjoying Firefall ever since she scored a beta key.

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  1. CaptainZius August 4, 2013 at 02:04 #

    Thank you so much.
    May you post an article abt what type of DNA needed to craft specific gears?

    • Siha August 4, 2013 at 12:05 #

      We’ve had a couple of requests for that now, so I’ll put it on the to-do list! :)

      • CaptainZius August 4, 2013 at 18:13 #

        cool, waiting for it :D

  2. YourFather November 11, 2013 at 02:56 #

    I don’t understand that cheatsheet, does it mean I have to use regenics to upgrade my bastion progression?

    • Siha November 12, 2013 at 01:41 #

      This cheatsheet is correct but the article surrounding it is very out of date. However, the short answer is: yes. You need to use Regenics to craft the battleframe progression tokens you’ll need to unlock Mass, Power and CPU boxes 8-10. Check out our Battleframes Guide and Battleframes Progression Tokens Cheatsheet for more info.

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