Crystite Hybrids Utility

Here is a little app I wrote to manage my crystite hybrids.


You can set the quantity and the value of all the aspects and it will calculate the CY value and colour automatically.  There is also a handy Blender function that lets you see what you’d get blending two same-type hybrids.

Just drag and drop a couple of hybrids from the main form into the blender.  If you want to keep the result, drag it back to the main form or even back into the input to blend it some more.



You can right-click the quantity of the inputs on the blender too.

I have been recording all the hybrids I have seen in the game for some time.  You can save this page as a CSV and import it into the app.

This app will not be as useful post Mar 22 update, but I thought it might be nice to share it.   I will be creating a new app for the new resources and will update this site when that is ready for use.

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By day a mild-mannered software developer, by night an avid gamer, Kris is an inveterate multiboxer who blogs about it at Kristaki's One Man Band. He also has an indiscriminate passion for spreadsheets.

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