Welcome to Astrek Association

Hello, and welcome to the launch of Astrek Association. We aim to provide useful and relevant information for all our fellow Firefall fans – from statistical data and theorycrafting, to gameplay guides, to news and analysis, we hope you’ll find us a useful and interesting resource.

So who are we?

KristakisSoftware developer by day, multi boxer by night would be the best description of me.  I have played EVE Online for many years and I love exploring and crafting in sandbox games.  I used to keep a multi boxing blog at Kristaki’s One Man Band but it has lapsed a little as all my time is now spent testing and reverse engineering Firefall. Although I’ve spent the most time in a Recluse, my true love will always be the Nighthawk.

SihaI’m new to the shooter genre; my roots are in MMORPGs and strategy games, and I’m a reformed MMORPG guild leader who’s been looking for a new game to love. Firefall certainly fits the bill! My favourite frames are the Firecat and the Recluse – I’m a healer at heart, but I just can’t go past the glorious AoE. I’m a keen crafter and theorycrafter, and I’m also a writer whose first instinct is to blog about everything I love. My personal gaming blog is Siha Games!

So that’s us. We hope you’ll find our Firefall resources and analysis useful, and please drop us a line if you have any questions, comments or feedback.


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