October Red Bean Bundles Available

October Red Bean BundlesThe latest patch brings with it the launch of Firefall’s VIP packs, and a new range of Red Bean bundles. These will be available for a limited time, and offer a range of rewards.

The rewards are as follows – and all of these are in addition to the normal Red Beans you’d receive anyway.

$5 pack, $10 pack

  • “Beta Trooper” in-game title

$20 pack, $50 pack

  • “Beta Trooper” in-game title
  • Vapor Warpaint
  • Sunrise Glider Pad

$100 pack

  • “Beta Trooper” in-game title
  • Vapor Warpaint
  • Sunrise Glider Pad
  • Vapor LGV
  • Astrek Skull Mask

For those of you who buy your Red Beans with Euros instead of US Dollars, the rewards correspond to the same Red Bean packs.

To check out the rewards, see our Warpaints Guide and Glider Pads Guide – we’ll be adding the Vapor LGV to our Vehicles Guide ASAP.

Note that despite the advertising material’s text and art, the glider pad is the Sunrise glider pad, which is different from the Sunset glider pad available with the previous Red Bean bundles – although they do share a cooldown.

You can buy Red Beans from your account page on the Firefall site, or straight from in-game from the Cash Shop section of the Nav Wheel.

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Siha is a longtime gamer and game blogger. She writes her own gaming blog at Siha Games! and has been enjoying Firefall ever since she scored a beta key.

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3 Responses to October Red Bean Bundles Available

  1. GaryWolf October 13, 2013 at 23:01 #

    Does anybody have a pic of the Astrek Skull Mask yet? (It’s not very clear on the promotional image…)

    • Siha October 15, 2013 at 22:35 #

      Here’s the Astrek Skull Mask in the New You. (Note that the black glossy part at the top is the ponytail hairstyle; it was the only female hairstyle I could find that didn’t clip through the mask in an ugly way.)

      It’s in the “Head Gear” category in the New You, and is basically exactly the same as the existing “Astrek Full Mask” item (which is available for 80 Red Beans), with the addition of a holographic skull on the faceplate.

      • GaryWolf October 16, 2013 at 20:21 #

        Aaaah, alright, thanks Siha! :)

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