January Red Bean Bundles Available

December Red Bean BundlesJanuary’s new Red Bean bundles went live last week, and are available now. Based on past months, these will probably be available until the end of January, and will likely be replaced by new rewards in February.

The rewards are as follows; all of these are in addition to the normal Red Beans you receive for your purchase.

$5 pack, $10 pack

  • “Beta Raider” in-game title

$20 pack, $50 pack

  • “Beta Raider” in-game title
  • Pinecone Hat
  • Topaz Glider Pad

$100 pack

  • “Beta Raider” in-game title
  • Pinecone Hat
  • Topaz Glider Pad
  • Vortex LGV
  • Accord Tech Monocle

The Beta Raider title is new, as is the Topaz Glider Pad and Accord Tech Monocle. The Pinecone hat and Vortex LGV were also available in December’s Red Bean bundles.

To check out the rewards, see:

You can buy Red Beans from your account page on the Firefall site, or straight from in-game from the Cash Shop section of the Nav Wheel.

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