Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.7.1708

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

Patch Highlights

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  • Omnidyne-M is proud to present its latest battleframe based off the Dreadnaught archetype, the Arsenal!
  • In celebration of the Arsenal’s release, Omnidyne-M is holding Omnicon in Sunken Harbor.
  • Sunken Harbor has gone through renovations.
  • Vending machines added – try your luck at getting rare cosmetic items!
  • Baneclaw rewards adjusted.


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  • Omnidyne-M Industries is proud to announce its latest battleframe chassis based off the Dreadnaught archetype, the Arsenal.


  • The Arsenal comes with plating that grants it 2,000 hit points (stock).
  • The Arsenal’s Regulation plating grants it 2,400 hit points (PvP).

Signature Weapon

  • Light Machine Gun (LMG)
    • The LMG has a high rate of fire, dealing 42 damage per round. The LMG has a clip size of 120 and its maximum ammo reserve capacity is 480 rounds (stock).
    • The Arsenal’s Regulation LMG has a clip size of 120 and its maximum ammo reserve capacity is 480. The Regulation LMG deals 58 damage per round (PvP).
  • The LMG’s alternate use is a slower but more accurate rate of fire.


Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) – Specialty/Passive

  • Each time the Arsenal activates an ability, it sets off an Electro Magnetic Pulse blast in a 3 meter radius originating from the Arsenal, sapping all energy and dealing 300 damage (stock).
  • The Regulation variant of Electro Magnetic Pulse deals no damage, but instantly drains all energy from enemies within a 3 meter radius when triggered (PvP).

Combat Shotgun

  • The Arsenal switches its weapon to a combat shotgun. The combat shotgun has 8 shots and fires 12 rounds per shot. Each round deals 35 damage (stock).
  • The Regulation version of Combat Shotgun has 10 shots and fires 14 rounds per shot. Each round deals 50 damage (PvP).

Particle Beam

  • The Arsenal switches its weapon to a particle beam. The particle beam charges up and deals 450 damage at its targeted area with an area of effect range of 4 meters. The Arsenal can fire three shots of its particle beam before switching back to its main primary weapon (stock).
  • In Regulation, the Arsenal’s Particle Beam has 5 shots and deals 675 damage on a direct hit with an area of effect range of 4 meters (PvP).

Rocket Jump

  • The Arsenal launches itself directly upward, dealing 300 damage in a 3 meter radius around where the Arsenal initiated Rocket Jump (stock).
  • The Regulation version of Rocket Jump deals 350 damage in a 3 meter radius around the place the Arsenal initiated Rocket Jump (PvP).

Shoulder Rockets – Hyperkinesis Module

  • The Arsenal launches a barrage of rockets out of its backpack for 2 seconds at its target. The rockets have dropoff after a range. Each rocket deals 300 damage and deals area of effect damage in a 3 meter radius (stock).
  • In Regulation, Shoulder Rockets rockets for 3 seconds that deal 350 damage per rocket and deals area of effect damage in a 3 meter radius (PvP).

Open World

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  • Sunken Harbor has been renovated.
  • The arena portion of Sunken Harbor is now flagged for a free for all PvP zone. Players will not suffer durability on death from other players in this area.
  • Players should now face forward after dismounting their LGV.
  • CPU unlocks should now increase the battleframe’s energy pool.
  • Fixed a waterfall that was missing water in Blackwater Anomaly.
  • Vending Machines are now available throughout the major points of interest in Coral Forest!
  • The Marketplace can now also be accessed via terminals in major points of interest in Coral Forest.
  • Fixed an issue where the Custom Match screen would not display the correct selected map.
  • The gentleman posing as Mustang has been removed from Sunken Harbor. The real Mustang has returned!
  • Fixed an issue where crafted components for Burn Jets was not affecting its cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where Deployable Shield’s component quality would not affect stats.
  • Stim Packs no longer cease to heal the player once damage is taken.
  • Fixed an issue where warpaints would appear washed out on engineer turrets.
  • Fixed an issue where gradients weren’t working properly in-game (ex. the AMD Special warpaint).
  • Adjusted the Wargrim hitbox so that it better fits the creature.
  • Added more loading screens for zones.
  • Players calling for help while downed should be easier to find:
    • Places pulsing map marker with a waypoint
    • Indicator hangs around for up to 30 seconds now.
  • Fixed an issue causing dropship pile-ups.
  • Fixed a bug where dropships would appear to have zero velocity.
  • Smoothed out vehicle movement.
  • Enemy deployables now use enemy team colors.
  • Cleaned up some Terrorclaw and Rageclaw behaviors.
  • Fixed an issue where achievement pop-ups would be triggered for players that did not get the achievement.
  • Fixed some areas where creatures could not reach Thumpers.
  • Added a parking brake for vehicles. Engage your parking brake to lock your vehicle in place while idling.
  • Added a parking brake keybinding (default CTRL-Space).
  • Carbons, Biopolymers, Radine, Methine and Octine are now spawning in Melding Pockets properly.
  • Disabled durability loss on death from duels.
  • Improved terrain rendering time for AMD users.
  • During an LGV Race, ARES operators MUST stay on the LGV throughout the race. Dismounting ends the race.
  • All battleframes will now award a unique title when fully progressed.
    • Titles for existing eligible characters will be awarded retroactively after the patch is live.

Vending Machines

  • Vending machines are now available in the major POIs. Try your luck by inputting a silver or gold coin! Each try guarantees four prizes, with a chance at an extremely rare item!
  • Silver coins can be crafted.
  • Gold coins can be purchased with Red Beans and have a higher chance at winning a rare item.


  • Celebrate the release of the Arsenal with Omnicon at Sunken Harbor!
  • For the duration of Omnicon, players can activate a 3 day trial period of the Arsenal battleframe.
  • There are several activities to participate in while using the Arsenal battleframe.
  • Omnicon kiosks are available and interacting with them will give a 50% XP boost on the Arsenal while it is on.


  • Watch Tower retakes have been modified.
  • The spawner in the top room cannot be destroyed until a hack is initiated.
  • Defensive turrets spawn to defend the tower.

Baneclaw Rewards

  • Added the Claw Shell Fragment to Baneclaw’s rewards table. A random participant will receive the fragment upon a kill.
  • Rewards for killing Baneclaw have been reworked.

Baneclaw Summoner Rewards

  • Baneclaw Brain Bucket (if the summoner does not already own one)
  • Reduced the rewards the Baneclaw summoner receives
  • Accord Merit Points
  • Crystite Resonators
  • Crystite
  • A chance for a random piece of equipment
  • 1 Melded Calcium Carbonate

One Random Participant’s Rewards

  • One random participant will gain an amount of resources (unchanged from before)
  • Accord Merit Points
  • Crystite Resonators
  • Crystite
  • A chance for a random piece of equipment
  • A chance for the Claw Shell Fragment

All Participants’ (not including Random Participant and Summoner) Rewards

  • Increased amount of Resources participants receive
  • Accord Merit Points
  • Crystite Resonators
  • Crystite
  • A chance for a random piece of equipment


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  • Omnidyne-M has made modifications to their Prototype Arena. The ramps in the middle of the map have been modified so the Jetball cannot get stuck underneath them.
  • Hyperkinesis Module Powerups in PvP arenas now grant 30% charge (down from 50%).
  • Hyperkinesis Module Powerups in Omnidyne-M Jetball Arena no longer spawn during warmup. They spawn at the beginning of the first period and are on a two minute timer after pickup including between rounds.
  • Fixed an issue where the ball could not be picked up if dropped by a downed player.
  • Fixed some issues where the ball would not bounce off the edge of decals and floor stops.

Combat & Balance

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  • Changed Shotgun reload penalty to better fit animations.
  • We’ve been working hard on a system to balance the game that is backed by numbers. We’ve taken weapon properties like Splash Range and Projectile Speed, provided our own weights based on our testing and community feedback and threw them all in a spreadsheet. Taking that data as well as our own input, we’ve made many changes to the primary weapons of many frames. These balance changes are the first instance of us utilizing our new data.


  • Fixed an issue where Burn Jets was not applying Incinerator.


  • Fixed an issue where Nova Cannon would explode a nova blast in its users face upon switching weapons.

Accord Biotech

  • Base Needler damage decreased from 75 to 70.
  • Regulation Needler (PvP) damage decreased from 113 to 105.


  • Evacuate damage now scales with crafting.


  • Emergency Response strength and duration should now scale with crafting.
  • Base Bio Rifle damage decreased from 68 to 65.
  • Regulation Bio Rifle (PvP) damage decreased from 102 to 98.


  • In order to keep the Dreadnaughts identity as a more heavily-armored damage dealer intact, we have done some sweeping changes to Dreadnaught health. We felt that health wasn’t being compensated enough for a lack of mobility. We’ve also made several weapon and ability changes to expand their effective range. They’ve been seeing a lot of play in our internal testing and we look forward to see how our changes play out!

Accord Dreadnaught

  • Accord Dreadnaught Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 2,700 HP (previously 2,100).
  • Regulation Accord HMG (PvP) damage increased from 59 to 61.


  • Rhino Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 2,400 HP (previously 2,100).
  • Charge! speed boost changed from 15% to 30%.
  • Charge! duration decreased from 6 to 4 seconds.


  • Mammoth Regulation (PvP) armor now gives 3,000 HP (previously 2,700).
  • Plasma HMG spread reduced from 2 to 1.5.
  • Plasma HMG projectile speed increased from 80 to 120.
  • Added activation animation to Tremors.

Accord Engineer

  • Supply Station’s Healing Pack now scales with crafting.
  • Charged Pulse Generator health now scales with crafting.


  • Added an ammo cost for Tesla Rifle’s energy drain.
  • Regulation Tesla Rifle (PvP) clip size reduced from 210 to 150.
  • Headshot damage on the Tesla Rifle was at odds with how we want the weapon to handle. Players should be focusing on hitting a target as much as possible and not aiming for critical spots on the target. Additionally, removing headshot damage on a charged Tesla Rifle will balance out the potential DPS of the weapon.
    • Removed headshot damage from Tesla Rifle (Monster crit areas still apply).

Accord Recon

  • Accord Recon R36 base damage reduced from 80 to 70.
  • Regulation Accord Recon R36 (PvP) damage reduced from 120 to 110.


  • Regulation Charge Rifle (PvP) charge rate lowered from 2.5 to 2.0 seconds.
  • Regulation Charge Rifle (PvP) clip size increased from 12 to 14.
  • Teleport Beacon’s duration and range has been improved which should expand the use of the ability greatly.
    • Increased the range that Teleport Beacon can be thrown.
    • Increased the duration of Regulation Teleport Beacon from 5 to 8 seconds.


  • Smoke Screen can now be utilized effectively over longer engagements. The Smoke Screen change will also allow additional time for allies to utilize the smoke cloud.
    • Increased Smoke Screen’s base duration from 4-6 seconds.
    • Increased Smoke Screen’s PvP duration from 4 to 7 seconds.

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