Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.7.1694p1

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.

Stability and Scalability

  • Big improvements to the back end that will improve response times when accessing inventory, Battleframe Garage, Molecular Printer, etc. With these improvements we should see more stability to character services, logins, etc.


  • Fixed a bug with the keybinding sections that would disappear if the modifier key was disabled.
  • The reply keybinding will now work correctly in languages other than English.
  • Updated Progress Bar Art in Achievement UI.
  • Fixed an issue where Battleframe visuals would appear to revert to pre-paint shop settings when navigating back to the progression and loadout screen.
  • Fixed an issue where players could not make loadout changes until you reload the battleframe.
  • Fixed an issue where resource stack selection was not being refreshed/loaded in the progression UI.
  • Loot rarity background will now match the quality color in the Sliding Loot Popup UI.
  • Updated the look of the Battleframe Terminal UI.
  • The Battleframe Terminal UI now uses a mouse cursor interface instead of a mouse wheel interface.
    • There is an option in Interface Options to revert battleframe selection at the Battleframe Terminal to mouse wheel mode.
  • Updated the look of the Login page.
  • Updated the Options UI.
  • Addons will now have an ‘Addons’ section instead of getting mixed into Interface. The Addons section will only appear if addons with options are present.
  • Updated the Crafting UI to resize based on resolution.
  • Added a background border to recipes in the Crafting UI.
  • Updated the ‘Claim’ button to use different text for researching in the Crafting UI.
  • Updated the bleedout UI for when a player is in the ‘downed’ state.
  • Updated the end of match screen.
    • Displays accumulated XP per battleframe for the PvP match.
    • Displays rewards acquired for the PvP match.
    • Tab for scoreboard attached to end of match screen.
    • Tab for leaderboards attached to end of match screen.

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