Firefall Patch Notes: Patch 0.7.1679

These Firefall patch notes are reproduced directly from the official forum thread, and we’re posting them here for reference and easy access.


  • Many server scalability and stability improvements have been made to support the growing load on beta servers.
  • French and German players will now be able to hear in-game voiceover in their native languages.
  • 3 new tutorial videos have been added introducing players to critical gameplay features and experiences. These videos can be accessed via the Info Bot with a blue glow near the molecular printer in Copacabana, the green Tutorial button in the Battleframe Garage and the green Tutorial button in the Molecular Printer.


  • Reduced timing and pacing of the Sprint Challenge to reduce chance of failure.
  • Player will auto complete Sprint Challenge if they fail twice.
  • Reduced the number of target drones in the Shooting Challenge.<
  • Reduced target drone hit points in Shooting Challenge.
  • Player will auto complete the Shooting Challenge 20 seconds after picking up the rifle.<
  • When the player picks up their jumpjets 2 more platforms will appear in the Jumpjet Challenge.
  • Players falling off the platforms will be teleported to the platforms in the Jumpjet Challenge instead of walking back up.
  • If the player falls close to the end of the Jumpjet Challenge they will be teleported next to the exit.

New Player Missions

  • SIN Trail will always be showing for players while completing the new player missions in Copacabana.<
  • Removed the need to set a waypoint in the Aranha nest mission.
  • Removed the mission that requires players to thump (we still give a thumper and scan hammer to the player).
  • We now give the player both items needed to craft the tutorial Jumpjets.

Combat Changes

  • Chosen Power Field – Fixed an issue where strength/charge speed was stacking too high. Chosen Powerfield now increases the duration (not-strength/power) of the ability at the cost of a longer cooldown.
  • Chosen Laser MG – Fixed an issue where rate of fire wasn’t being penalized enough.
  • Sundering Wave – Now damages deployables.

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