Upcoming Loot and Crafting Changes

This week’s Firefall Live had a lot of juicy news for Firefall fans, and a few things are worth particular attention! You can watch the whole show on Twitch.tv or on Youtube, but here are some of the highlights:

The drop rate of loot items will be reduced.
This is to improve balance between loot and crafted items, and reduce some of the overflow of items that people aren’t using.

The crafting system will no longer require DNA, seed crystite hybrids, gems or precious metals.
The devs (and community) felt that these added complexity without adding depth, and made crafted gear too expensive relative to loot drops. The new loot drops for crafting item variants is the new style of including creature drops in crafting.

More crafting changes are coming up.
Their goal is to clean up and refine the existing system, rather than revamp it entirely.

There’s lots more news in the show (such as the news that many helmets will now have warpaints applied to them, and Red5 has a whole team working full-time on cosmetics) and it’s definitely worth a watch. If you don’t have time, though, you can check out the official roundup of the show on the forums.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we’ll compile some of the common questions about the upcoming changes and supply answers where we can.

Which DNA and similar items are being removed?

From Phobos: Aranha DNA, Hisser DNA, and Thresher DNA were specifically mentioned. Presumably Culex DNA is also being removed.

From FadedPez: Chosen Technology, Stolen Accord Technology, and Arclight Salvage pieces are also being removed.

We know from the official show roundup that gems (diamonds, emeralds, fire opals, onyx, rubies and sapphires) and precious metals (gallium, gold, iridium, mercury, platinum and silver) are being removed, as are seed crystite hybrids.

We do not yet know what will happen to the other forms of DNA that haven’t been used in crafting yet – Brontodon DNA, Claw DNA, and Nautilus DNA. (It’s likely that they’ll also be removed, based on the removal of Stolen Accord Technology and Arclight Salvage pieces which were in a similar situation, but there’s no confirmed information from Red 5 either way.)

What about Melded creature parts for the MAN recipe?

From Phobos: the Melded Glial Cell Smears, Melded Blood Samples and Melded Muscle Tissue don’t count as DNA, so the implication is that they’re not being removed.

Is there any kind of trade-in or compensation planned?
From FadedPez: No.

(Note that, as per this post from FadedPez, this is not the same as the situation where beta crystite was offered in exchange for resources and crystite. That was a full wipe of resources, crystite and all crafted gear across the board; this is merely the removal of a particular type of crafting component.)

How will this affect components already made with DNA?
From FadedPez: any components that were crafted using DNA should still be usable in crafting equipment after the changeover.

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