The Firefall Battleframes Guide

The Firefall Battleframes Guide

An introductory guide to Firefall’s battleframes, how you use them, how you upgrade them, and how you get new battleframes. Confused about battleframes? We have all the info you need.

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Firefall Calculators

The Firefall Blending Guide

Resource blending is an often-overlooked tool for inventory and resource management, and it’s likely to become more important in future as Red5 adds inventory limits. So here’s a guide to resource blending to help get you up to speed!

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October Red Bean Bundles Available

The latest patch brings with it the launch of Firefall’s VIP packs, and a new range of Red Bean bundles. These will be available for a limited time, and offer a range of rewards.

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Powering Up POIs

Battleframe Progression Tokens Cheatsheet

Upgrading your frame to the end of its progression requires special frame-specific progression tokens for boxes 8, 9 and 10 in each constraint. This cheatsheet tells you where to get all the specialty items you’ll need.

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Greetings from Kris and Siha

Updated Guides and Cheatsheets

It’s been Update Central around here over the last few days. We’ve finally got everything up to date – next up, new stuff!

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The Firefall nanoprinter

Upcoming Loot and Crafting Changes

This week’s Firefall Live featured news about crafting and the economy – we’ve got the key points here!

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Firefall VIP Packs Announced!

The Firefall VIP packs have just been announced, and will be available as of the next patch. These packs give you access to a range of ‘premium’ perks and are available for a range of time periods.

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Crafted Item Variants

New Crafted Equipment Behaviour

You’ll soon be able to adjust the behaviour of some of your frames’ abilities and weapons, thanks to an upcoming crafting feature. Learn more here!

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Last Chance for Starter Packs!

Red5 have been testing the waters with bundled packages lately, and they’re about to retire the current range of bundles. If you’ve been thinking about picking up one or more of these bundles lately – or you didn’t know about them until now – you might want to act quickly before you miss out!

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Firefall Titles

Player Titles in Firefall

The recent new content has brought a range of new titles for your character to show off their achievements. Here’s a look at all Firefall’s titles and where they come from.

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