The Complete Firefall Warpaints Guide

Warpaints are the main way of customising your battleframe’s appearance, and you can get them from a range of sources. In our Complete Firefall Warpaints Guide we’ll take a look at all the warpaints and where they come from.

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DNA Guide

The Firefall DNA Guide: Where to Get It and How to Use It

For anything except the most basic crafted gear, you’ll need not only resources but DNA and other items collected from defeated enemies. Here we cover the DNA you’ll need to craft your gear, and how you use it once you have it.

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Firefall Calculators

Battleframe Progression Calculator

A calculator to show all the requirements for Battleframe progression to help you organise your resources and currencies.

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Blackwater Anomaly Gameplay

Blackwater Anomaly: a Gameplay Guide

Blackwater Anomaly is the first five-player instance in Firefall, and provides a new kind of experience for Firefall players. Read on for a guide to BWA and its secrets!

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Melding Pockets Gameplay

Firefall’s Melding Pockets: a Gameplay Guide

The melding pockets are accessible via arcporters from Copacabana, Thump Dump and Sunken Harbor, and feature new environments, creatures and events. Here’s a look at what goes on in these areas.

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Firefall Community Spotlight

We’re far from the only site serving the Firefall community, and today we wanted to throw a quick spotlight on some other great contributors to the community that you might not have seen yet.

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The Guide to Firefall Gliders

The Guide to Firefall Gliders

Gliders are a unique mode of transportation and once you master their use, they’re fun and very effective. You’ll find gliders placed all over New Eden, and you can even get portable gliders to use out in the wilderness. Read on to find out how to get the most from Firefall’s gliders.

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Current Resources

If you want to keep an eye on which resources are current, bookmark this page to see the latest resources in each set of resource pools.

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Greetings from Kris and Siha

See You Next Monday!

We’ll be away from Astrek Association until next week – stay tuned to our Facebook page and Twitter stream for news from PAX Australia!

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Greetings from Kris and Siha

Firefall Guides Updated

Introducing our new Firefall Guides Hub, an organised guide to all our resources – and our Facebook page, for news and updates. Open Beta awaits!

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